Odd Fellows Rest 2LP
Odd Fellows Rest 2LP Odd Fellows Rest 2LP Odd Fellows Rest 2LP


Odd Fellows Rest 2LP

Label: Back On Black

Release Year: 2015
Artist Origin: USA
Style: slow heavy doom sludge metal

fifth longplay [1998] by heavy-weighted Louisiana four-piece, this time featuring Eyehategod's Jimmy Bower on drums and Goatwhore's Sammy Pierre Duet on guitars, is typically slow, bone-crushing American sludge doom metal with hardcore fundament lurking in their sound schemes, yet it also presents few odd ends like mesmerizing atmosphere and definite melody in some of the tracks, so there is much more to it than just a typical punch these cookie monsters might inflict upon you!; first time gatefold sleeve double white 180g vinyl edition with additional Iron Maiden Remember Tomorrow cover is limited to 500 units