The Ethereal Mirror CD
The Ethereal Mirror CD The Ethereal Mirror CD The Ethereal Mirror CD


The Ethereal Mirror CD

Label: Earache
Price: 14€

Release Year: 1993
Artist Origin: ENG
Style: groovy psychedelic heavy doom metal

just two years after a milestone of misanthropic gloom the British visionaries have shocked the conservative metal community with their groovy second full-length, heavily inspired by proto-doom heavy rock/metal scene just a few were aware of at that time - ultimate classic in psychedelic infernalia finds this amazing group flirting with experiments on their path to discovering the patented sound they would polish on succeeding releases, picking up the pace and instilling a welcome sense of early seventies' groove into monolithic guitar riffs with freaky vocal range of Mr. Dorian; recent British edition comes with authentic foldout booklet design