Forest of Equilibrium CD
Forest of Equilibrium CD Forest of Equilibrium CD Forest of Equilibrium CD


Forest of Equilibrium CD

Label: Earache
Price: 13€

Release Year: 1991
Artist Origin: ENG
Style: profound depressive melancholic doom metal

inspired by the classic doom bands of the past, British visionaries from the very start were not baldly following their mentors, partly influenced by darker and more extreme metal on the rise at the time - this megalithic debut opus that sounded like an awkward transmission from a neighbouring galaxy, has introduced completely different approach to the genre, characterized by gloomy, sorrowful, riff-based, melancholic and minimalist instrumentarium, with ominous tortured Lee Dorian [ex.Napalm Death] vocal tone, enhanced by subtle hints of flute and brooding avantgarde vibe throughout its seven shivering tracks; this album stands outs as one-off experience, since Cathedral have never returned to such dirge-like emotions ever again; recent British edition comes with authentic design