Skjend Hans Lik LP
Skjend Hans Lik LP Skjend Hans Lik LP Skjend Hans Lik LP


Skjend Hans Lik LP

Label: Season of Mist / Displeased

Release Year: 2004
Artist Origin: NOR
Style: grim violent misanthropic black metal

the main accent of this compilation-like vinyl record is the re-issued tracks of seminal and legendary, underground black metal ferocity epitomizing, and Carpathian mysteries glorifying 1992's Bloodlust and Perversion demo tape with a sound remix and remaster from the master source, shaping the entire B side, while side A features an alternative mix of the title tune, unreleased Humiliation Chant intermezzo, pre-production song Spill The Blood of The Lamb off the then upcoming album and violent live recording of Martyr / Sacrificulum; limited Dutch black vinyl edition