Hliðskjálf CD
Hliðskjálf CD Hliðskjálf CD Hliðskjálf CD


Hliðskjálf CD

Artist: BURZUM
Label: Byelobog

Release Year: 2010
Artist Origin: NOR
Style: dark hypnotic atmospheric minimalist ambient

second longplay from the dark ambient series, recorded behind the bars within one single week in summer of 1998, elaborates more into atmospheric, delicate subtleties of synthesized music, perhaps thanks to an advanced keyboard given, or better expression of author himself, setting on a tranquil if not dreamy mood with a certain mysterious message, supported by its mythological narrative, running through the stories of Scandinavian gods - Hliðskjálf is the name of Odin's throne, or observation point; latest slipcase re-issue comes with a remastered sound, extra exclusive design and liner notes by Varg himself