Draugen - Rarities 2LP
Draugen - Rarities 2LP Draugen - Rarities 2LP


Draugen - Rarities 2LP

Artist: BURZUM
Label: Byelobog / Back On Black
Price: 28€

Release Year: 2019
Artist Origin: NOR
Style: raw savage atmospheric black metal

way too many bootleg editions of Burzum early material of watered down quality were floating around through years, so finally they are dealt in a proper, official way, collected together once and for all: initial rehearsal demo [1991] comes with a remastered sound, exceptional Aske EP [1992] comes untouched and in full, rare Svarte Dauen session [1993] possesses with some unique material from the first source, while historical epic Dunkelheit rounds up the retrospective; first time in history - gatefold sleeve double black vinyl edition