Dauði Baldrs LP
Dauði Baldrs LP Dauði Baldrs LP


Dauði Baldrs LP

Artist: BURZUM
Label: Misanthropy / Back On Black
Price: 25€

Release Year: 2018
Artist Origin: NOR
Style: dark hypnotic atmospheric minimalist ambient

after a scandalous imprisonment Varg Vikernes was not allowed to possess any other musical instruments in his cell than a keyboard, so in 1994 he has written a fully dark ambient and instrumental, soundtrack-like album in the course of few months with MIDI sound format and tape recorder, following the concept story of mythological Balder, the second son of Odin, described in detail in Icelandic language in the booklet; with hints in medieval, folk and neoclassical music, six compositions are minimalist and hypnotic, while few tracks also feature re-arranged fragments of Filosofem material; recent gatefold sleeve black 180g vinyl re-issue comes with authentic design