Tyranny of Souls CD
Tyranny of Souls CD Tyranny of Souls CD Tyranny of Souls CD


Tyranny of Souls CD

Label: Mayan / Sanctuary
Price: 12€

Release Year: 2005
Artist Origin: ENG
Style: dynamic powerful expressive heavy metal

the man-siren does not abandon his solo deeds along the renewed duties at Iron Maiden helm, and unleashes the sixth wall-breaking full-length endeavour after seven year hiatus, turning out into ten tracks of loud and tight as fuck heavy metal juggernaut, also brimming with remarkable emotional charge and enough of stylistic diversity; there is so much power, passion and subtlety to the singing, as well as staggering persistence to the Roy Z's guitar riffs, that it must be heard to believe - their creative duo with a help of session instrumentalists pulls out the most effective pieces of the genre!