Omen of Disease CD
Omen of Disease CD Omen of Disease CD Omen of Disease CD


Omen of Disease CD

Label: Century Media
Price: 13€

Release Year: 2013
Artist Origin: USA
Style: intense merciless brutal death metal

fans of brutal extremity had to wait fourteen long years for Chicago based gore addicts to re-unite with a newly recruited growler Damian 'Tom' Leski [Gorgasm], and it is obvious that after such a long hiatus they return back to old school trademark stuff, brimming with high speed blasting, technical lead and rhythm guitar riffing, and of course guttural roars able to instantly wake the dead, giving way to musical violence to be witnessed, and with production standards adopted to nowadays realities it turns into a contender of solid comeback!; German edition comes with two live bonuses from San Francisco gig