The IVth Crusade CD
The IVth Crusade CD The IVth Crusade CD The IVth Crusade CD


The IVth Crusade CD

Label: Earache
Price: 15€

Release Year: 1992
Artist Origin: ENG
Style: menacing monolithic warlike death metal

it was an ultimately titanic task to come back with honour after such a charismatic album that War Master happened to become, but genius warlords of extremity effectively pull it off, fully focused and determined: grim, mournful and pounding, yet absolutely unrelenting, wartorn, barbaric and incredibly heavy death metal is laid down via eleven tracks, full of chainsaw guitar riffs, subsonic bass, and pounding drumming to rip your insides to dust - the fourth doomy full-length of extreme metal institution is destined to dominate!; recent British edition comes with authentic design