What Once Was... Liber I CD DIGI
What Once Was... Liber I CD DIGI What Once Was... Liber I CD DIGI


What Once Was... Liber I CD DIGI

Label: Debemur Morti

Release Year: 2013
Artist Origin: FRA
Style: rough primitive black death metal

a series of What Once Was... recordings - intriguing, raw and primitive releases, running parallel to the main body of Blut Aus Nord work, constitutes an epitaph for the past, a headstone for the present, and a funeral of the future: nodding appreciatively in the direction of old school death metal, whilst maintaining its own trademark, the French mavericks bare a previously-undisclosed visage; the first disk [2010] in series is a turbulent excursion along the crumbling, loathsome highway, where every pale, trembling breath is accompanied by the painful reality of existence, it is a dynamic, multi-textural, barely-controlled bedlam, or man and machine in total disarray; exclusive digifile edition with alternate artwork and gold hot-foil print