Werewolf Training LP
Werewolf Training LP


Werewolf Training LP

Label: Blut & Eisen

Release Year: 2013
Artist Origin: SWE
Style: sick murderous misanthropic black metal

seven cold and morbid tunes exterminate all dead and alive out of its way on this sick, murderous and misanthropic black metal debut [2003], featuring international line-up, including Nattefrost [Carpathian Forest] on vocals, Nysrok Infernalien [Aborym] on keyboards, Sasrof [Setherial] and Sethlans Teitan [ex. Aborym, Dissection] on guitars; on top of that, they were signed by Kvarforth's [Shining] ex.label, but that is not the only selling point, as music stands out with its post-apocalyptic industrialized episodes doubling the effect; first time black vinyl edition comes with new cover artwork and pro-printed inner sleeve, it is limited to 400 units