Werewolf Training CD
Werewolf Training CD Werewolf Training CD


Werewolf Training CD

Label: Selbstmord
Price: 14€

Release Year: 2003
Artist Origin: SWE
Style: sick murderous misanthropic black metal

seven cold and morbid tunes exterminate all dead and alive out of its way on this sick, murderous and misanthropic black metal debut, featuring international line-up, including Nattefrost [Carpathian Forest] on vocals, Nysrok Infernalien [Aborym] on keyboards, Sasrof [Setherial] and Sethlans Teitan [ex. Aborym, Dissection] on guitars; on top of that, this original edition was released on Kvarforth's [Shining] ex.label, but that is not the only selling point, as music stands out with its post-apocalyptic industrialized episodes doubling the effect