Blood Ceremony LP
Blood Ceremony LP Blood Ceremony LP Blood Ceremony LP


Blood Ceremony LP

Label: Rise Above
Price: 25€

Release Year: 2019
Artist Origin: CAN
Style: occult psychedelic doom metal/rock

debuting full-length by occult heavy doom metal four-piece from Toronto reveals an aptly infernal marriage of classic Black Sabbath and the manic piping of Jethro Tull: ambitious crew keeps the music simple yet heavy, bursting with clear but strong stoner and psychedelic rock moments, vividly tempered with effectively brooding melodies, enhanced by the energetic jazz-like flute solos, performed courtesy by female singer Alia O'Brien, lyrically emphasizing devilish mythic characters found in witchcraft and occultism; recent 30th Rise Above label anniversary edition in gatefold sleeve on exclusive gold sparkle vinyl is limited to 1000 units