The Apostasy CD+DVD DIGI
The Apostasy CD+DVD DIGI The Apostasy CD+DVD DIGI


The Apostasy CD+DVD DIGI

Label: Peaceville

Release Year: 2014
Artist Origin: POL
Style: infernal satanic black death metal

dramatic eighth studio album [2007] by the Polish finest amazes with its subtle orchestrations, brought in the picture of frenetic and crushing attack - their intense, focused, anthemic, intriguing, satanic blackened death metal sounds like a multiform work of perfection, where Nergal's gruff vocals erupt from the earth's molten core, thus adding an exceptionally ominous thrill to it, culminating with pathos of At The Left Hand of God; recent three panel digipak edition comes with additional eight track Ezkaton EP [2008], surprising with Master's Hammer, Ramones and Misfits covers, and bonus 26 minute The making of... DVD documentary