Jubileum Volume I CD
Jubileum Volume I CD Jubileum Volume I CD Jubileum Volume I CD


Jubileum Volume I CD

Label: Black Mark
Price: 16€

Release Year: 1992
Artist Origin: SWE
Style: agressive viking thrash black metal

to feast upon the ten year anniversary of Bathory activities Forsberg clan has decided with two compilation albums, where quite a few earlier unreleased and collector's attention worth recordings are featured along the most significant tracks of the first six albums, with certain domination of Blood Fire Death material: You Don't Move Me from 1983's demo tape, Sacrifice from Scandinavian Metal Attack compilation [1984] or Crawl To Your Cross from 1987's session with well familiar songs sound as a retrospective of immortal Quorthon from raw black metal up to epic viking metal, enriched by new details; rare authentic German edition