The Source 2CD
The Source 2CD The Source 2CD The Source 2CD


The Source 2CD

Artist: AYREON
Label: Music Theories / Mascot
Price: 15€

Release Year: 2017
Artist Origin: NED
Style: dramatic harmonious neoclassical progressive metal

four related chronicles shape the contents of impressive 88 minute double opus that is an outstanding return to ambitious Forever Saga, that actually ended with 2009's album, but lately - similar to Hollywood blockbusters - its prequel was developed, so most of colourful characters are back, embodied by such notorious frontmen of international fame as James LaBrie, Hansi Kürsch, Russell Allen, Tobias Sammet, and Floor Jansen, among others; Ayreon music keeps developing as well towards more and more universal model, where metal heaviness is admittedly sharpened, while neoclassical episodes get even closer to what could be effectively performed with real orchestra on the stage