Sueños 2LP
Sueños 2LP Sueños 2LP Sueños 2LP


Sueños 2LP

Label: The Circle
Price: 28€

Release Year: 2021
Artist Origin: ITA
Style: haunting ethereal medieval classical neofolk

the magic of enchanting Ataraxia's sound from ages long gone is sharp and expressive on this outstanding epic [2001], consisting of three parts: highly experienced and rich in creativity entity reveals that European medieval music heritage is literally inexhaustible [not to forget the Arabic influence whatsoever], exploring its vasts with use of diverse instrumentation, sung in multiple of languages - the atmosphere is not necessarily just bombastic, melancholic or mysterious, and the fact that it makes the listener jump in time tells more than any words, while each track has a certain story behind, that urge everybody to explore even more the context and message hidden; first time ever - gatefold sleeve double blue vinyl edition with an exclusive vinyl mastering plus Melisanda and Clytaemestra bonuses from In Amoris Mortisque split EP [1995] on side D is limited to 250 units