Песнь крови MCD
Песнь крови MCD Песнь крови MCD Песнь крови MCD


Песнь крови MCD

Artist: ASMUND
Label: Der Schwarze Tod / Autodafe
Price: 9€

Release Year: 2014
Artist Origin: RUS
Style: expressive fiery pagan black metal

a follow-up mini album to two full-lengths of this one-man fiery heathen black metal project is a collection of earlier unreleased material, comprising of five tracks: three songs were issued just as internet singles in 2012, where Forest Райх эйнхериев cover is featured among them; next comes a raw version of Отравленный мир, back from 2009 when the band was still run under Vapnatak monicker, while the whole release is enriched by a short intro; music is kept in similar atmospheric and quite melodic way, just maybe more mid tempoed this time round