Thanatology CD DIGI
Thanatology CD DIGI Thanatology CD DIGI Thanatology CD DIGI


Thanatology CD DIGI

Label: Mystic
Price: 13€

Release Year: 2013
Artist Origin: POL
Style: intense extreme thrashing death metal

huge respect to the band that has been seriously rivaling Vader at the dawn of nineties with its skills, technique and influence in eastern part of Europe, and especially to Maryniewski brothers, who have managed to rebuild their musical dream, entertaining with decent albums after so many years passed; it is their second longplay after reformation, with a fair share of credits given to traditional, straightforward, yet healthy and infectious approach, with more than enough of dynamics, groove and intense rhythmics framed within a heavy-weighted production - it gives a reason to claim that Armagedon is quite effective in capturing current realities as well; three panel digipak edition with embossed details is limited to the first press