Ond Spiritism PLP
Ond Spiritism PLP Ond Spiritism PLP Ond Spiritism PLP


Ond Spiritism PLP

Label: Agonia

Release Year: 2010
Artist Origin: SWE
Style: straightforward grim merciless black metal

third and the last studio full-length spew [2004] of exceptional unholy black metal duo before the long break is a punishing embodiment of pure fucking darkness, done in traditional grim and eerie way - occult audial emanation reveals sinister, dark and unsettling aspects of music, surprisingly close to the vibe of Dødheimsgard's debut album!; Tore "Necromorbus" Stjerna has recorded all drum parts, adding his noble name to this perfect manifestation of significant black metal band; recent limited picture disk edition comes with A3 poster and die-cut sleeve, copy #230/777