Возрождение [Revival] CD
Возрождение [Revival] CD Возрождение [Revival] CD Возрождение [Revival] CD


Возрождение [Revival] CD

Artist: ARKONA
Label: Sound Age
Price: 12€

Release Year: 2006
Artist Origin: RUS
Style: mesmerizing folk pagan black metal

fundamental debut album [2003] by Slavonic folk pagan black metal luminaries: female screamer Masha Arkhipova composed all the music, written all lyrics and shaped the concept, along her impressive singing and growling skills; such a tremendous dedication was soon picked up by additional help of Butterfly Temple and Rossomahaar members, and together they have recorded this stunning opus of yet unheard heathen catchiness, which has instantly enthralled all supporters of the genre!; recent Russian edition comes with authentic cover artwork, booklet design, and engraved disk pit art