Лепта [Lepta] CD
Лепта [Lepta] CD Лепта [Lepta] CD Лепта [Lepta] CD


Лепта [Lepta] CD

Artist: ARKONA
Label: Sound Age
Price: 12€

Release Year: 2004
Artist Origin: RUS
Style: mesmerizing intricate folk pagan metal

the most famous and best ranked Slavonic pagan folk/black metal act has quickly returned with the sophomore full-length after their impressive debut, proving both the spontaneous inspiration and fathomless creative potential: Masha Scream gets you with her amazing compositions and unique voice, while melodic, bombastic and catchy performance covers themes of traditionalism, nature, heathenism, history and nostalgia; re-arranged folklore songs like Выйду я на волюшку stand out on this expressive record