Армагеддон [Armageddon] CD
Армагеддон [Armageddon] CD Армагеддон [Armageddon] CD Армагеддон [Armageddon] CD


Армагеддон [Armageddon] CD

Artist: ARIA
Label: CD-Maximum

Release Year: 2006
Artist Origin: RUS
Style: fundamental dynamic expressive heavy metal

three years past the impressive Крещение Огнём full-length legendary Russian heavy metal powerhouse is back with a traditionally ambitious approach, adopting their classic metal to modern means of recording - this definitely helps to reach a golden balance between fast rockers, epic songs and semi-acoustic ballads, keeping their own formula in a solid and authentic shape, spearheaded by powerful lines and catchy choruses provided by Artur Berkut, with lyrics in Russian characterizing the band better than anything else; sixteen page booklet edition