Anthems of Rebellion CD+DVD
Anthems of Rebellion CD+DVD


Anthems of Rebellion CD+DVD

Label: Century Media

Release Year: 2003
Artist Origin: SWE
Style: catchy dynamic harmonious death metal

hard-hitting and roaring Swedish five-piece invades the harmonious death metal shores for the fifth time, offering the tightest, most creative, ambitious and catchiest material of their career up to that moment, which explodes in abundance of heavy riffs, thick harmonies, ripping guitar solos, frantic drumming and sick female screaming - if you know these five professionals of heavy music, then there is no wonder why; We Will Rise, Dead Eyes See No Future and other loud numbers are Arch Enemy at its best, proving that melody might be quite ferocious as well!; original first pressing comes with bonus DVD-audio, featuring three earlier tracks live from 2002 and two songs of current album in 5.1 surround mix