Cult CD
Cult CD Cult CD


Cult CD

Label: Harmageddon / Odyssey
Price: 12€

Release Year: 2014
Artist Origin: FIN
Style: classical monumental neosymphonic heavy metal

reaching album number three [2000], Finnish phenomena has branched out considerably, adding double bass and orchestral percussion to their unique cello arrangements, yet most importantly they have systematically started writing their own tunes in the aggressive metal vein that showed very smooth transition from the covers by other bands being the main course before; driving, passionate and even demonic instrumentals show how complex classical music might turn into, and how intricate it is to play heavy metal with such instrumentarium; finally they add one Edvard Grieg and two Metallica covers, recent edition comes with a renewed cover artwork and two bonuses - vocal versions of Path and Hope with Sandra Nasic [Guano Apes] and Matthias Sayer [Farmer Boys]