Sutemus Skambės EP
Sutemus Skambės EP Sutemus Skambės EP Sutemus Skambės EP


Sutemus Skambės EP

Artist: ANUBI
Label: Danza Ipnotica

Release Year: 1996
Artist Origin: LTU
Style: piercing avantgarde hypnotizing black metal

even from nowadays perspective this recording of Anubi sounds unusual, uplifting and disturbing - it has same part black metal, hypnotizing touch, driving rhythmics, epicness and totally unpredictable turn into the roots of rock music in the final part of Kodėl Sustoję Mirties Laikrodžiai; title track is still more important, consistent, charming with its piercing spirit and laying the road to the uncanny of first and only longplay; rather raw recording in classic vinyl format with a slight crackling sounds just brilliant!