Fistful of Metal CD
Fistful of Metal CD Fistful of Metal CD Fistful of Metal CD


Fistful of Metal CD

Label: Megaforce
Price: 13€

Release Year: 1992
Artist Origin: USA
Style: intense traditional speed heavy metal

from the foundation in 1981 Anthrax have gradually been adding in heaviness, and with arrival to studio to record their debut full-length [1984] they have been at the crossroads of speed/heavy metal, with both the original vocalist Neil Turbin and charismatic bass player Dan Lilker being an important part of the creative potential, so it is no sense to compare that music with a classic era, and better take these ten historical numbers the way they were recorded - imprint of Deathrider, Panic and Metal Thrashing Mad for metal movement is more than significant up to this day!; quite rare American edition comes with nineties layout