All For You CD DIGI
All For You CD DIGI All For You CD DIGI All For You CD DIGI


All For You CD DIGI

Label: AFM / CD-Maximum
Price: 12€

Release Year: 2004
Artist Origin: CAN
Style: powerful modernized thrash heavy metal

title track of this full-length might mislead, as it indeed sends modernized metal vibes all around, yet the rest of nine tracks is mean thrash metal we all know so well from the past catalogue of premier Canadian outfit: first time featuring current singer Dave Padden and drummer extraordinaire Mike Mangini [Dream Theater], Jeff Waters has so much more freedom to improvize and stick the best pieces together in the most effective way, maintaining aggression, catchiness and power of music; Russian deluxe limited four panel digifile edition comes with an outer slipcase and six rare live and rehearsal videos as bonus