Seventies Tapes LP
Seventies Tapes LP Seventies Tapes LP Seventies Tapes LP


Seventies Tapes LP

Label: Extermination Day
Price: 25€

Release Year: 2018
Artist Origin: ENG
Style: expressive occult heavy speed metal

meet the highly referred British trio, that technically belonged to NWoBHM wave, yet were surprisingly innovative since their very start in 1976, delving deeper into occult subjects, which have eventually ended up in music as well, crowned by specific vocal style of Kevin Heybourne - early works of Angel Witch have immensely influenced Tom G. Warrior [Hellhammer, Celtic Frost] and countless other artists; this essential black 180g vinyl re-issue compiles seven glorious anthems of their earliest demo recordings form 1978 and 1979 that basically set the standard of unprecedented trademark haunting approach with such memorable tunes as Baphomet and Flight Nineteen