Sacrificial MC
Sacrificial MC Sacrificial MC Sacrificial MC


Sacrificial MC

Artist: AMON
Label: Huangquan / Canometal
Price: 11€

Release Year: 2020
Artist Origin: USA
Style: gritty devastating bestial death metal

after reforming the fundamental entity of guitarists brother Hoffmans, this step to re-issue historical demo recordings with a rightful name is also quite logical, regardless that once it was already duplicated under the Deicide banner - less than 9 minute long Feasting the Beast debut demo [1987] recording sounds especially rigid and audacious for starters, while one of the best demos in death metal history, 1989's Sacrificial have firmly laid foundation for the total domination of four Floridian antichrists in first half of the nineties; limited official pro-printed tape edition comes with a vintage photo collage