Rites of The Black Mass CD
Rites of The Black Mass CD Rites of The Black Mass CD


Rites of The Black Mass CD

Label: VIC
Price: 15€

Release Year: 2017
Artist Origin: USA
Style: occult ritualistic blackened death metal

nailed in Morrisound Studios with infamous Scott Burns, this debut longplay [1992] by Floridian three-piece was a crucial recording laying foundation for US black metal, while its contents were actually closer to death metal with a darkened, ominous production, dramatically intensified by synth interludes between songs [performed courtesy by current administrator of the Church of Satan, Peter Howard Gilmore] - such mystical atmosphere and ritualistic direction was something unheard back in a day; recent Dutch edition comes with a newly remastered sound, restored booklet layout, interview and extensive liner notes by Vincent Crowley, as well as two extra tracks taken from promo tape [1990]