Kali-Yuga Bizarre PLP
Kali-Yuga Bizarre PLP Kali-Yuga Bizarre PLP


Kali-Yuga Bizarre PLP

Artist: ABORYM
Label: Scarlet

Release Year: 2000
Artist Origin: ITA
Style: menacing apocalyptic industrial black metal

futuristic apocalyptic industrial black metal on the debut album [1999] by haunting Italian horde sounds tight and intense, featuring peculiarly bizarre experiments, also including ocassional electronic blows, yet maintaining powerful, desolate, and majestic atmosphere at the same time, spreding the message of chaos, horror and madness all over the place; charismatic vocals by Hungarian Attila Csihar [Mayhem, Tormentor], featured in three songs, is a strong addition; picture disk edition with bonus extra version of Tantra Bizarre is limited to 1000 units