Hellfire 2LP
Hellfire 2LP Hellfire 2LP Hellfire 2LP


Hellfire 2LP

Artist: 1349
Label: Candlelight / Spinefarm
Price: 25€

Release Year: 2019
Artist Origin: NOR
Style: intense crushing infernal black metal

extreme metal classic considered, eight intense, infernal spells turn into hysterically insane, blast-beating monsters for the third time [2005] thanks to this motivated Nordic ensemble, performing downright devastating, stripped down yet hauntingly charming, berserk hell-trashing black metal, which gets more and more vibe and depth with every new recording, transforming into shape-shifting beauty in disguise, choke-full of exterminating despair and primordial furor - ominous, destitute and evil musick get the final shape with Ravn's demonic shouts and shrieks, mercilessly taking thy breath away; recent European gatefold sleeve double transparent red vinyl edition