Doomsday Elite LP
Doomsday Elite LP Doomsday Elite LP Doomsday Elite LP


Doomsday Elite LP

Artist: SARKOM
Label: Dark Essence / Witching Hour
Price: 16€

Release Year: 2015
Artist Origin: NOR
Style: raw straightforward atmospheric black metal

perhaps for some Urgehal, Trollfest and Svarttjern musicians this is just an intermediate stop, side remedy for the energy release, yet this third full-length album [2013] of grim entity leaves no doubts: classic Norwegian black metal kult will be alive as long as such less familiar and talked about, yet keeping a firm direction hordes, burning with hatred, will be active - respect for the strength, ambitions, atmosphere and northern rage!; black vinyl edition with a pro-printed lyric insert is limited to 444 units