Ligfærd LP
Ligfærd LP Ligfærd LP Ligfærd LP


Ligfærd LP

Artist: NORTT
Label: Avantgarde
Price: 28€

Release Year: 2018
Artist Origin: DEN
Style: depressive ambient black doom metal

with the sophomore full-length [2005] Mr. Nortt turns completely unrestricted way to free his creative thought and drive, significantly minimizing the influence of traditional sound - only scarce vocal outbursts are left from depressive black metal, and reminiscence of that peculiarly oppressive synth tone by legendary Disembowelment is left from funeral doom, while the spirit of music is settled in spontaneous, imaginary process, brimming with ambient inherent uncertainty, smothering the listener in more layers of ghostly, morose, and haunting atmosphere than ever before; first time in history - Italian black vinyl edition with lyric inner sleeve is limited to 200 units