Johnny The Fox CD
Johnny The Fox CD Johnny The Fox CD Johnny The Fox CD


Johnny The Fox CD

Label: Mercury / Vertigo
Price: 12€

Release Year: 1996
Artist Origin: IRL
Style: fundamental loud expressive hard rock

urged by the success of previous album and growing popularity on both sides of the Atlantic, bad boys of hard rock from Dublin delayed not a single minute, and upon receiving a bit more room for improvisation in studio, in half a year have conceived another album in the same 1976, regardless of Lynott's health problems and intense concert schedule - picking up on topics of the outlaws, bone hunters and outcasts, none of its ten tunes ended up on par with the main hits of the band, yet from a perspective at least half of the album is compulsory on the best of lists, while guitar player Brian Robertson simply surpassed himself; recent European edition comes with Stuart Bailie commentary