Edge of Existence CD
Edge of Existence CD Edge of Existence CD Edge of Existence CD


Edge of Existence CD

Label: Long Branch / SPV
Price: 14€

Release Year: 2019
Artist Origin: USA
Style: heavy psychedelic doom rock/metal

making noise as Seventh Void for quite a while, two legendary members of TON with two newly added guitar players have finally reincarnated into Silvertomb and returned with this stunning opus after a significant hiatus, revealing the style much closer to epic doom/heavy metal rock with strong discharges of energy and poignant sound, while both song lyrics and music itself ambiguously points, or just confirms, that the loss of Peter Steele is still heavily bleeding, and that is good news for those missing that genuine melancholic, dreamy nineties' spirit, where sensitive voice of Kenny makes no shame to the gone maestro, turning into the central axis of the project