Sehnsucht CD
Sehnsucht CD Sehnsucht CD Sehnsucht CD


Sehnsucht CD

Label: Universal
Price: 15€

Release Year: 1997
Artist Origin: GER
Style: catchy dynamic groovy industrial metal

introduction album has turned into an excellent springboard for the ambitious six-piece, yet it is impossible to compare it with the following sequel, that has literally taken over the sharp music admirers - eleven new cuts masterfully combine industrial heaviness, rigidity of metal music, precise rhythmics and expressive, always challenges-ready voice of Till, carving an exceptionally phenomenal longplay that leaves no cross upturned; their music is outstanding due to ultimate relevance during all these years - groundbreaking, powerful hits keep crowning effective live shows of the band up to this day; recent repress comes with embossed silver logo and disk title on jewel case