Bleach CD DIGI
Bleach CD DIGI Bleach CD DIGI Bleach CD DIGI


Bleach CD DIGI

Label: Sub Pop
Price: 13€

Release Year: 2009
Artist Origin: USA
Style: rebelious alternative grunge rock/metal

thirteen track debut longplay [1989] by the household name in grunge rock/metal movement was accomplished two years after the band's formation, and prior to that they had issued only two track single; it is their most pissed off, menacing, really angry material, capturing the early line-up before Dave Grohl joined in, yet already significant songcraft within the rough sludgy production, and nihilistic message, so close to the essence of the genre; exclusive cardboard digisleeve edition with a remastered sound marks the twentieth anniversary of the album and comes straight from Seattle based label!