Tulimyrsky CD DIGI
Tulimyrsky CD DIGI


Tulimyrsky CD DIGI

Label: Spinefarm / Hammerheart
Price: 13€

Release Year: 2019
Artist Origin: FIN
Style: progressive epic pagan black metal

an hour long "between-the-albums" CD [2008] sees the Finnish powerhouse laying down an impressive, huge and variable half an hour long title epos, Metallica For Whom the Bell Tolls and Merciless Back to North cover songs, as well as re-recorded versions of two early demo cuts - it is essential for any fan of black, viking and folk metal, symbolizing another epic and mesmerizing chapter in their already impressive career!; Tomi Koivusaari [Amorphis] and Oppu Laine [Mannhai] share their voices as guest vocalists too, recent Dutch digipak edition