Groza CD
Groza CD Groza CD Groza CD


Groza CD

Artist: MGŁA
Label: Northern Heritage
Price: 13€

Release Year: 2008
Artist Origin: POL
Style: grim intense mesmerizing black metal

eight years after the formation, and handful of EP and special releases under their belts, enigmatic duo of Eastern blackness rise for the first full-length crusade against the comfortable world, fully confirming their significant and ever growing status, manifesting unbelievably strong spirit and hypnotizing magic; four ceremonial tracks under the same concept hit new heights of a genre that they masterfully absorb through own venom, just to spit out a threefold more powerful and dangerous beast; last but not least, the production is upgraded in a higher standard, while atmosphere is thick as an autumn fog; recent Finnish jewel case edition comes with authentic design