Xysma 2CD
Xysma 2CD Xysma 2CD Xysma 2CD


Xysma 2CD

Artist: XYSMA
Label: Spinefarm / Hammerheart
Price: 15€

Release Year: 2019
Artist Origin: FIN
Style: groovy rock'n'roll death grind metal

one of - if not the - first grind/death metal bands in Finland, initially inspired by Carcass, later turned closer to death'n roll, has recorded not so much of extreme tracks in first five years of existence, yet was damn important in few different platforms of underground music at once, and not only in their native land - plethora of Finnish bands like Disgrace, Demigod, Lubricant, Paraxism, and even Amorphis have been picking ideas from them back in the day; the first disk of this essential edition features the first Yeah full-length album [1990], characterized by twisted rock'n roll licks along the intense cuts, and the sophomore First & Magical opus [1993] paving more death'n rollish way, while the second CD is totally dedicated for die-hard admirers of metal extremity with historical and damn rare Above The Mind of Morbidity MLP [1990], three track Fata Morgana EP [1991], and equally rarely detectable tracks of the first Swarming of The Maggots demo tape [1989], reflecting upon the early ferocious death/grind metal era; recent Dutch double disk slipcase edition comes with a sound remastered at Finnvox studio, and booklet featuring vintage photo collection