Sóknardalr CD
Sóknardalr CD Sóknardalr CD Sóknardalr CD


Sóknardalr CD

Artist: WINDIR
Label: Head Not Found / Voices of Wonder
Price: 16€

Release Year: 2010
Artist Origin: NOR
Style: epic folk pagan black metal

after the start in 1994 and two pioneering demos of folklore inspired epic black metal, the time has come for a genius debut masterpiece [1997], generated and conducted in the sole creative mind of Terje Bakken, aka Valfar, who plays and sings astonishing hymns to his native beloved Sogndal area; this opus makes the man one of the most original black/viking metal performers around, setting the new trend to delve deeper into secrets of northern landscapes, impressive scenery and also magical, occult and most of all mystical environment; recent repress of absolutely fundamental longplay comes with authentic layout