Kindred Spirits CD
Kindred Spirits CD Kindred Spirits CD Kindred Spirits CD


Kindred Spirits CD

Label: Listenable
Price: 12€

Release Year: 2012
Artist Origin: IRL
Style: majestic dynamic heavy pagan metal

finding a striking balance between the traditional sounds of Celtic folk and the aggressive edge of extreme pagan metal, Waylander do not disappoint on their fourth full-length, branded for four long years - the battle cry triumphantly sounds out in a fury of chugging riffs and tin whistle subtlety, fitting each other and complementing a peculiar puzzle, also offering a strong harmonious contrast to the heavily riff-oriented blackened metal style; it must be empahsized the smart compositional talent as well, with seven minute surpassing tracks sounding as refreshing and intricate as humanly possible