Concepts of Math: Book One MCD
Concepts of Math: Book One MCD


Concepts of Math: Book One MCD

Label: Prosthetic
Price: 12€

Release Year: 2016
Artist Origin: USA
Style: intricate progressive technical thrash metal

been quite a while since technical metal virtuosos have reformed in original line-up, but so far they have been slow with new material: with the first track revealed back in 2010, it has not been until recently when the entire set of five compositions of new chapter have been finally collected together on this EP release; with no less suspense in the air about their next steps, even this edition is an exceptional event for die-hard audience of progressively-minded music, as it sounds perfect without any reservations: Ron Jarzombek and his cohorts spread creative lightness and angry ambitions - perhaps time spent in the wilderness outside metal was too long!