Deathchrist CD DIGI
Deathchrist CD DIGI Deathchrist CD DIGI Deathchrist CD DIGI


Deathchrist CD DIGI

Label: Nuclear Blast / Metal Mind
Price: 13€

Release Year: 2008
Artist Origin: GER
Style: rough doomy black thrash metal

once Tom G. Warrior got pissed off at all new bands trying to recreate the Hellhammer sound and gimmicks, yet it was before Celtic Frost got back together in early naughties, while German three-piece, perhaps the most precise and worth the buzz around, delivered sophomore full-length in 1999, confirming they were not just one-time joke of a project, but fully consistent unity; using specific equipment, they invoke raw and unpolished, dirty and dark sound, conjoining the best elements of black, doom and thrash metal that considerably strengthens their intentions; recent limited and machine-numbered digipak edition comes on golden disk with a remastered sound, copy #0267/2000