A Leftover CD
A Leftover CD A Leftover CD


A Leftover CD

Label: Hammerheart
Price: 14€

Release Year: 2020
Artist Origin: FIN
Style: ominous intense ferocious death metal

speaking about this returning from nowhere, the only longplay [1995] by Vaasa's death metal five-piece, a comment shall start with a fact that they have been formed in 1990, featuring such nowadays notorious and talented musicians as Kai Hahto [drums], Mika Aalto [guitars] and Keijo Bagge [vocals] - their wish to try multiple directions from the very start might be a reason that seemingly firm and ferocious Scandinavian death metal has been enriched by intricate aspects, so twelve infectious tracks are often compared to both Dismember and Bolt Thrower as well as Atheist music; first time since original edition - Dutch slipcase version comes with a remastered sound