Carnage Euphoria LP
Carnage Euphoria LP Carnage Euphoria LP Carnage Euphoria LP


Carnage Euphoria LP

Label: Metal Blade / Cyclone Empire

Release Year: 2011
Artist Origin: SWE
Style: powerful intense brutal death metal

on their seventh album [2009] Vomitory take the aggressiveness of Swedish death metal and ramp it up quite a bit, yet hyperspeed drum blasting is as much important as infectious hooks, dynamic breakdowns and piercing solos; this way the repetitiveness is avoided, while Serpents is worth a special prize, as it sounds as if felt down right of the old D-beat beginnings of the Swedish scene; menacing Rundqvist's grunt is so much matured on all the songs here, and everything speaks about the right path this crew keeps grinding!; recent gatefold sleeve transparent red 180g vinyl edition is limited to 500 units