Rev-Raptor CD
Rev-Raptor CD Rev-Raptor CD Rev-Raptor CD


Rev-Raptor CD

Artist: U.D.O.
Label: AFM
Price: 14€

Release Year: 2011
Artist Origin: GER
Style: catchy expressive powerful heavy metal

quite provocative comics-alike design of the thirteen studio full-length is unable to hide the fact that the contents of music by Teutonic metal forefathers is as never close to classic U.D.O. sound with all the must-have attributes, so if someone thinks this is a sign of middle-age crisis, better switch to other things at once, moreover that a frontman of gritty voice has leaped by that life stage without consequences, while thirteen songs shape a firmly unanimous picture, where it is difficult to spot a weak moment, and same goes about performance of the entire band